Roof and Restoration

Roof Replacement from Tile to Colorbond ​

A metal roof has its advantages, and replacing an aged tiled roof with colorbond metal roofing is a popular option.

Options for Converting a Tile Roof to a Metal Roof ​

Even the greatest roofing materials eventually need to be replaced when a new coating is no longer sufficient.

In Australia’s harsh climate, metal roofing have proven to be long-lasting. They’ve been protecting people’s homes for 160 years, so it’s no surprise that they’re still the greatest option for storms, fires, and even termites protection.

Because of its durability, metal roofs are one of the best options for Australian homes. When you’ve decided that it’s time to replace your roof, you have a few options.

One of the most popular metal roofing alternatives in the area is Colorbond. Colorbond steel was developed specifically for Australians to meet their needs and protect them from the elements, such as the sun, storms, and hail, as well as catastrophic bushfires.

Colorbond and other stainless steel roofs are your only alternative if you live in a hard or highly severe marine environment, such as 200 meters or closer to a shore. The materials are also appropriate for homes up to one kilometer from the water’s edge. If you want a different type of roofing material, discuss it with the roofing company ahead of time to avoid future corrosion problems.

Colorbond, on the other hand, comes in a variety of colors to fit your preferences. Because the color is baked into the steel, it is considerably more robust, and you can expect your roof to last for many years.

The Advantages Of A Metal Roof

If you know you’ll have to replace your old metal roof soon, you should think about converting to a new roofing material. A metal roof, on the other hand, has a lot of benefits that you should think about.

Metal roofs are a great option for long-term durability. Thanks to advanced technology, such as metallurgy and improved coating options, metal roofs could last up to 50 years. You may be able to extend the life of your vehicle by a few years with good maintenance.
A roof is constantly battered by the elements. Colorbond steel was developed to meet the needs of Australian houses and can withstand high winds, hail, rain, and even bushfires.
Metal roofs are significantly less expensive than a comparable number of tiles. Furthermore, the installation is easier and faster, resulting in decreased labor expenses. All of this makes metal roofing ideal for those looking for a high-quality roof on a tight budget.
The upkeep is straightforward. Metal roofs are not only easy to install, but they’re also easy to maintain. They are easy to clean and repair when necessary and require minimal effort.
Insulation properties. As previously said, modern metal roofing materials help keep your property cooler throughout the summer months. The heat-reflecting metal panels work by keeping heat out of your house.
Materials that can be recycled. Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly. While old metal roofs are 100% recyclable once they’ve served their purpose, new metal roofs are made from recycled materials as well. Furthermore, the heat-reflecting blankets lower the amount of energy needed to chill your home.