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Need a roof restoration in Hastings? Green Roofing have you covered

Beddinf and pointing by Brennan Roofing

Roof Installation in Hastings

When a roof’s deterioration is evident, it should be repaired. One option a homeowner might consider is preserving the property’s look while preventing roof damage. A roof is usually the first thing a guest observes when visiting your little home. A roof is called “the crown of your house” for a reason. Due to Melbourne’s harsh climate, roof maintenance is vital.

The phrase “nothing lasts forever” applies to your roof. Roof repair is often overlooked by homeowners. Mold, weather, vermin, leaks, and other issues can occur on a roof over time. A beautiful roof is seen to add value to a home, whether it is sold or rented.

When these objects aren’t properly maintained, the harm may be costly. As a result, frequent roof maintenance is essential.

Because we know what has to be done, our services encompass all roofing requirements.

  • Roof Repair
  • High-pressure roof cleaning
  • Gutter and roof painting
  • Roof tiling

Roof repairs and more
Our services cover much of Melbourne, notably the south-east, including Hastings.

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About Hastings

Hastings is a suburb of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. In the Western Port urban enclave of Hastings, Bittern and Crib Point. The Shire of Mornington Peninsula governs it. It is served by the Stony Point greater metropolitan line.

Hastings lies on an inlet on Western Port, a key port and environmental area. Hastings has many marinas and boating activities.

Hastings has one little beach and the rest is mudflats. The town also has large coastal areas where pets are allowed off leash.

In a crescent-shaped harbour, Hastings faces Western Port. It is the most accessible and safest small boat port on Western Port. Since the marina and yacht club are close, most leisure activities include boating or fishing.

This area supports extensive mangrove forests, including the world’s southernmost mangrove. The Jacks Beach Walk winds through the mangroves on a series of boardwalks. The mangrove forests act as natural fish hatcheries, vital for the bay’s fish population. Western Port, north of Hastings, is a Marine National Park.

The pier area is popular with tourists due to the adjacent waterfront café and boats. Local fishermen often feed pelicans in this area.

Green Roofing

Green Roofing in Hastings

Your roof not only protects you and your family from severe weather, but it also makes up more than half of the exterior of your home. Thus, the condition of your roof affects your health and the appearance of your home.

Green Roofing understands that replacing your whole roof may be costly and daunting, which is why we provide numerous roof restoration Hastings services to repair and restore your roof to its pristine state.

Tiled roofs, in particular, lose their luster when the protective coating wears away and the material oxidises and gets dirty. To properly clean a roof in Hastings, it requires a minimum of 3000 psi (pound per square inch) pressure, which can only be done with an industrial grade water blaster.

After cleaning or replacing the tiles, the next stage in roof repair in Hastings is to apply the primer or sealer, a protective coating that strengthens the roof tiles.

Green Roofing can restore your roof to its former glory. Our roof repair Hastings team handles each task with the same passion and devotion, regardless of the size or complexity of the project.

Needing A Roof Plumber in Hastings?

Green Roofing is based in Hastings. We value long-term relationships and will work with you to offer trustworthy, professional roofing services. Roof maintenance is critical, and you should trust the firm you hire! Having qualified builders working on your house gives you peace of mind. We never outsource or use subcontractors, so you can expect prompt, trustworthy service.

  • Tile repair or replacement
  • Roof repairs include re-cementing, sealing, re-coloring, and de-mossing.
  • Roof Re-Bedding and Re-Pointing (Flexi-Point)
  • Colorbond re-roofing and gutter replacement
  • Completely covered by insurance.
  • Painting of roof

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size of the roof and weather conditions, a roof restoration might take anywhere from 2 to 5 days.

Simply fill out one of our many online enquiry froms, or call Brennan Roofing at any of our locations, Rowville, Drouin or Warragul

  1. Step 1 guard rail / anchor points for safety harness use
  2. Step 2 change all screws this is done because you cant paint over rust and once its pressure cleaned all the seals get blown off the screws.
  3. Step 3 high pressure clean all roof area
  4. Step 4 make sure all gutters are cleaned out
  5. Step 5 reseal around any flus, pipes, chimneys, skylights etc
  6. Step 6 cover any solar panels / skylights or anything that cant get paint on it.
  7. Step 7 painting process 3 coats

1a- first coat or older depending on the roof age 30 years or more a  rusted surface or rougher surface a primer coat which is grey to penetrate deep into the roof surface to give the 2 coats a glossy and consistent finish. Anywhere from new-10 years old in a Nano primer clear coat, which gives a sticky surface to allow the paint to stick.

1b- acrylic first coat of colour.

  • Top coat high gloss coating
  1. After completion site clean up remove all rubbish and remove all guard rail.

Absolutely, we offer Colorbond roof restorations as a service

Yes and no, sometimes when cleaning we can make some noise, but it is no more noise than any construction job

Wet spots might be seen on the ceiling, in the attic, or in crawl spaces.
The stonework in your chimney has cracked.
Curled, buckling, missing, or fractured shingles
Your shingles have started to blister.
Shingles are showing signs of age and are lacking granules.
When you walk on the roof, you notice indicators of rot, such as a spongy feeling.
Your eaves have a water backup.
Your flashing has been damaged or is completely ruined.

The most essential decision you can make once you’ve decided you need a new roof is which contractor to choose. To prevent contractor scams and get the most out of your money, find a reputable roofing provider. A new roof isn’t cheap, but the appropriate contractor can provide you with a pleasant, gratifying experience as well as a roof that will last for decades. You may avoid roofing disasters by doing your homework before selecting a roofer.

To begin, inquire around for a reputable roofing contractor. Request suggestions from friends and family, or publish the question on social media. Because you’re chatting with people who have already worked with the company, word of mouth is one of the most trustworthy ways to determine the character of a roofing contractor. Examine the roofer’s reviews and testimonials from former clients as well.

That is a straight no

No! The price you are quoted is the price you will pay. Before beginning any additional work, the customer will be quoted and given his or her approval.