Roof and Restoration


Bedded and pointed ridges are only found on tiled roofs. A cement mortar bed holds the ridges in place, while the pointing adds waterproofing and security.

Green Roofing is your roofing contractor for re-bedding and pointing for a variety of reasons. ​

On tile roofs, the majority of our roof repair work entails either cleaning up the old loose ridge capping and re-pointing it – or removing all of the old bedding and re-bedding the old ridge capping onto fresh mortar… After that, Flexipoint is used to point.

The cement work is the second stage of the roof rehabilitation. A tiled roof has two layers: the bedding (sand and cement) and the top layer (flexible pointing). Depending on the age and condition of the current roof, a full re-bed, a partial re-bed, or no bedding may be required.
For ridge caps, valley tiles, and gable tiles, the bedding acts as the first tier of support. It may be preferable to simply re-point if the existing bedding is in good shape; however, each roof is unique, and the best choice can only be made after inspection.

The second and last layer is flexible pointing. The flexible pointing is placed over the bedding. It’s flexible, as the name suggests, so it won’t break when exposed to the severe Australian climate. Flexible pointing can be painted any color to match your roof, and when done correctly, it completely transforms the appearance of the roof.