Roof and Restoration


Painting a Tile Roof

We offer roof painting and roof sealing as a service to our customers.

The roof painting of a cement tiled roof is the final phase in the restoration process. A roof must be thoroughly prepped before applying a coating.


This first coat is a wet adhesion boosted acrylic primer coat designed exclusively for concrete roof tiles, with extremely small particle size. Its one-of-a-kind formula promotes deep penetration, ensuring top coat adhesion.


High-quality acrylic resins are used to create this high-build sealer, which promotes bonding. The high-build sealant is designed to adhere to porous and rough cement tiles, as well as other roofing materials. This coat will restore the profile of the tiles to their prior state and aid to eliminate the patchiness of the roof.

Second & Third Paint Coats

In the second and third layers, the color base and top coats are applied evenly. We are quite proud of our ability to give the highest quality roof repairs, which can only be achieved by using the highest grade paint available.